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How to confess love

You have to say him/her directly as per the time permits. Don't rush as it may turn weird. Understand him/her and speak out your heart respecting his/her heart

famian replied 682 days ago

Have you pranked anyone in the worst and the most serious way possible

Yes I did

famian replied 682 days ago

hi! SweeetCandy98


famian replied 753 days ago

Kya hm us insan ko maf kar sakte hai jo us wakt hme chod ke gya jab hme uski jarurat thi aur agar vo abhi us bat ke liye mafi mange to kya karna chahiye

Khud ko uski jagah pr rkh kr dekho... if you can relate and have proper perspective then that will be your answer. Remember - Galti krne wale se bada maaf krne wala hota hain ☺️☺️

famian replied 963 days ago

I always like ur initiatives & hardwork u put in every work. I am the follower of ur page & taken part in some of ur ventures. Believe me tht u as a person is fab. I smtimes hate ur strict personality bt it makes u different frm others.

Hey... ty... Keep supporting ☺️☺️☺️

famian replied 982 days ago

Have you ever broken someone's heart?

Mmmm... Yes

famian replied 982 days ago

Road trip with friends or road trip with gf?

Anyone who will be arranging and taking the financial steps 😂😂😂

famian replied 985 days ago

Ohhh that's nice!✌🏻

Anyways bye☺️✋🏻


famian replied 986 days ago

What type of company ?

Publishing and literature based company

famian replied 986 days ago


Famian (फैमियन ) is our company name

famian replied 986 days ago

What's ur name


famian replied 986 days ago

Are you married?


famian replied 986 days ago

Why so stubborn admin?

Rude, adamant, strange........ I guess you forget these too to mention in your arsenal 😊😊😊😊

famian replied 986 days ago

Its been a month now since I have lost my mom due to covid complications. Its very hard to believe and life is like on haunt. I mostly stay depressed and sad. What should i Do?

We all have lost someone special in this period. There are people who have lost entire families yet they stood strong so as you. I understand what you are going through but you have to keep patience and accept the time. Keep yourself busy and believe me your mom is with you as a motivator... she always is 🙂🙂

famian replied 986 days ago

My gf adores your organization. She is not talking with me from last 2 days since we had an argument on something. She is neither taking my calls nor replying to my msgs. Please do something as she is the follower of your page

Pardon him on behalf of famian

famian replied 986 days ago